Bringing your financial dreams to life

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March 24, 2017
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April 24, 2017

Bringing your financial dreams to life

Our new video – Bringing your financial dreams to life

Bringing your financial dreams to life.  This was the starting point for our new promotional video.

Just over a year ago we had a vision of how an advert from a financial adviser should look.  We were desperately trying to get rid of the ‘adviser talking down the camera with small print on the bottom of the screen’.  The stereotype of financial advisers, suited, ties on and meeting clients with a high income.

We aimed to guide viewers through the key life stages that they may have been through or are planning to go through.

Believe it or not it is not about money, this is about all aspects of your life.  Money is just one of the tools in the box in achieving what you want with the time you have.
A financial adviser is key for those life changing moments, all those milestones where your priorities change and you need to rethink.  Getting married, first home, new baby, retirement planning, setting money aside for the future, moving house or extending your existing property and retiring.

We can help our clients realise what it is they really want in life, it needn’t be to retired or to buy a brand new car or something material.  It could be spending more time with the grandchildren, having more time at home helping your children or being able to go away on holiday once a year.

At Manning and Company we don’t do this by simply looking at one element and ending our relationship with our clients there.  It is true that a large proportion of our clients come to us for their first mortgage or one service but and on the back of that initial meeting we look at the bigger picture.

It’s about lifestyle choices.  Yes buying a luxury campervan buys you a vehicle, but it also buys you holidays, time with your loved ones, picnics, adventures and quality time away from the pressures of modern life.

At Manning and Company we pride ourselves on advice for all.
There is a misconception that to have a financial adviser you must have money but this is not the case.

We want to help all of our clients realise their dreams and act now to make them a reality. We will make your money work harder for you.  And if that results in a yacht to sail the seas on like our video, all the better!

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