If it’s to be…

by Steve Manning, Founder, Manning and Company
A great modern business and life philosopher taught me, quite a number of years ago, that “If it’s to be…it’s up to me”. I totally agree.
Of course, much that impacts us throughout life comes from external sources. While we can’t control many of those things, we can control how we react, and how we prepare.
This applies to all aspects of life – for example, relationships; health, wealth and happiness; or state of mind.
In many ways it has become so much more difficult just to cope with day-to-day life. We are conditioned to achieve so much; encouraged to own so much; and until recently, to borrow so much – and by doing so, to achieve ‘great happiness’ in the process.

Of course we all know that is a recipe for stress. Rarely do we achieve the goals set.  Other areas suffer, and any thoughts of achieving a life balance (and the discipline required to obtain it) fly out of the window.

The good news is that it need not be this way. By taking an honest look at each area of life separately, it is quickly possible to make some positive decisions that will make a difference.
We need to start somewhere; and for this blog we will look at finances.
If you do not have a good relationship with a financial adviser, get one. They have the experience and knowledge you need to help you make the decisions which are right for you.
We have seen how fickle government is, and today’s laws are likely to change in years to come – so it’s important to factor that into any planning.  A financial adviser can’t predict the future, but they can help you look at the bigger, longer-term picture.
The financial press, pundits, self-interest groups, adverts and the like are really not much use; and trawling through the internet just causes information overload.
Your finances have such a large influence on your life now and in the future, whether it is being prepared for disasters, or preparing for a prosperous future.  Ignoring your finances or just going with the flow is a very dangerous strategy.
It’s up to you to take control.  Remember: “If it’s to be… it’s up to me.”

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