Inspiring the extraordinary

By Paul Northmore, Managing Director, Manning and Company
You might believe that managing your finances is all about reducing life’s risks – for example, taking out life insurance, or critical illness cover, or a fixed-rate mortgage.
Security is certainly a part of it; but it’s not the whole story. 
Good financial management puts you in charge of your money, not the other way around.  Your money is there to help you achieve your dreams, whatever that means for you.
But it’s not only money that can make dreams happen – it’s having the right opportunities, and being inspired. 
That’s why at Manning and Company we like to get behind those who are doing something amazing, and particularly those who are inspiring and equipping the next generation; which is why we’re supporting two local ‘inspirers’ – The Plymouth University Raiders, and Antony Jinman.

The Raiders, Plymouth’s own professional basketball team, do sterling work off the court too.  They provide primary school numeracy and literacy aids; and their players also spend time in Plymouth schools, coaching children in sports skills, and running anti-bullying and healthy living campaigns. 
Antony Jinman is Plymouth University’s ‘Explorer in Residence’; and in November he’ll be trekking solo to the South Pole, studying the environment, climate change, and the effects of Antarctic conditions on the human body.  On his return he’ll be sharing his extraordinary experiences at local school events.  He’ll also be blogging throughout the expedition, at

Playing professional basketball or experiencing Antarctica may not be your dream!  But whatever it is, whether ‘ordinary’ or ‘extraordinary’, dream it; be inspired – and remember, we’re here to help you with the finances.

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