Seymac Case Study

  • Marketing distribution company
    • Redruth, Cornwall
    • Scottish Life group personal pension scheme, with salary exchange
    • 14 members of staff
    Seymac Distribution plays a vital role in supporting Cornwall’s tourism industry. The company distributes marketing materials for over 50 tourist attractions across the county, handling millions of leaflets and information packs on behalf of its clients.


Since its formation in 1989, the company has grown strongly and now operates from its own 12,000 sq ft purpose-built premises.


Getting ahead of auto-enrolment
In April 2012 Seymac began to explore implementing a corporate pension scheme for its employees – despite the fact that the new auto-enrolment laws would not apply to Seymac until 2016. “We wanted to offer our staff the benefit of a pension sooner rather than later,” Managing Director Tina Seymour explained.


Searching the whole market
Via another professional adviser, Tina was introduced to Steve Ansell of Manning and Company. After an initial consultation to determine Seymac’s needs, Steve began the process of searching the market for the most suitable pension scheme.


The benefits of salary exchange
Returning to present his findings, Steve recommended a group personal pension scheme with Scottish Life, incorporating a salary exchange arrangement. This meant that the employee would opt to receive a lower gross salary, but the company would increase its contributions into the employee’s pension by the equivalent amount. Because tax and NI liabilities would be reduced too, the employee’s take-home pay would remain unchanged. Thus they would receive the benefit of a pension, with contributions topped-up by the government, at no extra cost to either them or the company. The added benefit to the company was the ease of administration for this particular scheme.

Implementing the scheme
Steve worked alongside Tina to help explain the changes to staff, and the vast majority welcomed the scheme. Steve also undertook one-to-one financial review clinics to help staff see their new pension in the context of their overall financial planning. The scheme was launched in September 2012 and, Tina estimates, takes only about half an hour a month to administer at payroll time.


Going forward, Steve will review the scheme every 6 months, and be available to further advise staff as needed.

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