The Life and Health Insurance Policies that Love your Virtuous Living

By Paul Northmore, Managing Director, Manning and Company

Is it right that insurance companies are rewarding some of their clients for living a virtuous lifestyle? It’s true – and we think it’s a great idea, especially after all that obligatory seasonal excess!
Certain insurers are now offering clients more than just financial cover with their life or health insurance.  There are added perks for those who commit to living a healthy lifestyle – for example, half-priced gym membership, or discounted spa days, or even a new bicycle.

In 2011, according to The Association of British Insurers (ABI) 2.6 billion was paid out to reimburse private healthcare costs and 8.8 million a day was paid for accident and health claims. Insurance companies are recognising the healthier their clients, the less likely they are to make a claim; good for the insurance company but definitely good for the client.

But what exactly do the insurance companies expect their clients to do to qualify for these benefits? Well, insurance companies vary in what they offer; but fundamentally it involves engaging in a lifelong commitment to get fit and keep fit! Unfortunately, heading off to the gym once every six months won’t get you the rewards you had hoped for, financially or physically.

So, if you’re looking for a motivator for a New Year fitness regime then this could be just the encouragement you need!  Talk to us, and we can tell you more about the insurers and the policies which look after those who look after themselves.

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