You may have a will… but is it legally valid?

In 1999 Alfred Rawlings and his wife Maureen made their wills and signed them in front of their solicitor.  But there was one small problem… they signed each others’ wills by mistake. 
Maureen passed away in 2003; but it wasn’t until Alfred died three years later that the problem came to light.  This simple clerical error had made both wills invalid.  Unfortunately, the wills were contentious, and a very public legal battle ensued!
But although this particular case hit the national headlines, this isn’t an isolated incident.  Some estimates suggest that 40% of wills are legally invalid, often due to errors in how the will was signed or witnessed.
If you’ve taken care over your financial matters in life, it’s a sobering thought that an invalid will could put all your careful financial planning in jeopardy.
So, we’ve arranged for two highly-respected Plymouth law firms to offer Manning and Company clients a will review, absolutely free of charge.

Their experienced Family Law Solicitors will check your will to ensure it is legally valid, and also advise how it could be improved in the light of changes to inheritance tax law.  You’re under no obligation to commission any legal work with either firm.
To take advantage of this offer, contact the Manning and Company office, and we will ask a solicitor to get in touch with you.   Even if you’re not in Plymouth the offer still applies, as the firms operate regionally and nationally.
This offer is open to all Manning and Company clients until 31st January 2014 – but don’t leave it until the New Year!   For your own peace of mind, call us today.

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