Protection Insurance Advice Devon



Protection Insurance Advice Devon

Whatever life may bring for to you and your family, we can help you protect what matters most to you. Everyone’s needs are different – which is why we take the time to understand what matters to you.

We always search the whole of the market – so you can be confident we’ll find the products that best suit you. We’ll also make sure your insurance policies work together sensibly, so you have the right level of cover without paying more than you need.

The policy descriptions here are just a quick, general overview – each policy has its own specific terms and conditions. Rest assured, we’ll talk through all the small print in detail with you, so you’ll be completely clear about the terms and benefits of your policy.

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Protection Insurance Advice Devon

Accident, sickness and unemployment cover.
Also known as ASU, or Mortgage Payment Protection, this covers your mortgage and financial commitments for up to 12 months if you are unable to work due to illness or redundancy.

Income protection insurance.
Also sometimes called Permanent Health Insurance, this is similar to ASU but covers a longer period of time, and can protect a larger proportion of your income. 

If you’re in employment this can be a helpful way to supplement any sickness benefit your employer may provide. It’s also beneficial for self-employed people, who rely on being able to work to earn.


Protection Insurance Advice Devon

Health protection / private medical insurance (PMI).
This covers the cost of private medical treatment, for emergency care or necessary operations – ensuring you get medical care when you need it, without joining a waiting list.

Critical illness cover.
Typically this is a lump-sum payment made on the diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer, kidney failure, or blindness. It’s intended to help cover the costs you may face as a result of a serious diagnosis – travel costs, or adapting your home, for example.


Protection Insurance Advice Devon

Life insurance.
A life insurance policy runs for a fixed period of time, and pays out a lump sum if you die during the term of the policy (which is why it’s also known as Term Assurance). If you have dependents, it’s a good way to ensure they would receive money to secure their futures if you were no longer there to provide for them. Do be aware though, if you live until the end of the policy there is no payout.

Whole life insurance.
This may be suitable if you want some return for the money you’ve paid into an insurance policy – perhaps to cover your funeral expenses, or to leave an inheritance. Premiums are usually payable until the age of 70 or 80: after this time you pay no more, but the cover continues for the rest of your life. Depending on how long you live, you may pay in more than is paid out.

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Protection Insurance Advice Devon


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