Leaders Council podcast features Director Mike LeGassick

As you will have read, our Director Mike LeGassick has written a book, Your Money and Your Life.

Mike’s book is now available to buy on Amazon!

You can read the foreword below and listen to a podcast from the Leaders Council featuring Mike talking about Your Money and Your Life.

Mike LeGassick
I decided to write this book to show people how to save money, invest wisely, save themselves considerable heartache and time, and get a head start in this game we call life. I want you to avoid the mistakes that are all too easy to make. Time is our most valuable commodity. Once it has gone, we can’t get it back, so surely, identifying and cutting out costly mistakes sooner rather than later isn’t a bad place to start. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but sadly, experience is something you don’t get until just after you need it. Every good building must start with a solid foundation. If the foundation is strong, the rest of the house is much easier to adjust and improve. This book will give you the building blocks you need to build a solid work, life, and financial foundation.

My challenge to you is to read, learn, embrace, and implement the collective wisdom that is contained within these pages, because if you do, you will most certainly live a more successful, productive, and happy life. You should also reach your goals, aspirations, and objectives considerably quicker.       

Here is the foreword from Ian Rowlands.  Ian is a corporate speaker, author, trainer, and business consultant. He has lectured for some of the world’s largest companies including the British Olympic Sports Psychologists Team, and the UK Ministry of Defence. He has also provided training for the FBI.

Mike LeGassick reminds me of Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn used to tell the story of when she was just starting out in Hollywood—one of the countless unknowns hoping to make it in the movies. She said she would sometimes look out over Hollywood Boulevard and think of all the other young hopefuls, just like her, dreaming of success. Then she would say to herself, ‘I’m not going to worry about them, because I’m dreaming the hardest.’ Mike LeGassick wants everyone to dream big dreams, have a great life, and be happy. In today’s often cynical world, these may sound like bland ambitions, but they’re not. Mike cares about these things, and he’s offering a wealth of smart, sound, practical advice about how to achieve them. This remarkable book is vast in scope yet easy to read and enjoy. In one sense, it’s the handy, readable book about managing your money that none of us should need but most of us do. In another sense, it’s a lyrical voyage through all the big questions in life: how to be happy, how to focus on what really matters, how to live the life fulfilled; big questions, and Mike has big answers to go with them.

Some people know their subjects very well. Some people are good at sharing what they know. However, these desirable qualities are rarely combined. Mike is one of the exceptions. He is that most keenly sought but rarely sighted of authors: he knows his stuff, and he knows how to

teach it too. You cannot read this book and adopt some of Mike’s ideas and not be better off. This is not a book of wisdom, although there is much wisdom in it. Nor is it a dreary trot through basic principles of financial management. It is, above all, a book of celebration: of people and their potential, of life in all its richness and tragi-comic complexity, and of lives well lived. It is the life and money user manual that many people desperately need but never know where to look for.

I’ve had the pleasure of spending many hours in the author’s company, and it is always time well spent. Mike has all the best stories, jokes, and anecdotal life lessons, and they pour forth from him in a happy symphony of laughter, observations, and points to ponder. If you can’t spend time

with Mike in person, this book is the next best thing. Disraeli used to say that if he wanted to read a good book, he wrote one. Mike hasn’t written a good book—he’s written a great one. Read, enjoy, and learn. And whenever you think of Mike, remember to think of Marilyn Monroe. He’d like that.

—Ian Rowland, March 2018